Shei Manson

"With alignment with our great father sun and the mother earth, dancing through the heart I am guided on this powerful journey to share my gifts with humanity to bring harmony and reconnection. "

I am Shei Manson, My Passion as a dancer and choreographer has taken me naturally into yoga after incurring an injury when I was 21. Yoga has literally saved my body and my health. I have been studying the art of Astrology and soul coaching for over 20 years now with Tarot and oracle readings and am now at a professional level. I absolutely love how astrology can read the energy and system of a complete person and I use this to help align people with their ultimate path to success and healing. I practice Hatha Yoga with Iyengar Tibetan pranayama and Yin yoga principles and I love the restorative aspect of yoga but can also hold a stronger more physical class with ease.. As an evolution of my own spiritual awakening I discovered a gift for shamanism through energy healing and sound therapy and work with a very intuitive approach alchemizing the system of the body through voice transmutation and angelic guidance. Originally a dancer and musician with a deep love of the esoteric arts, everything has now come together into a few different modalities including yoga, dance process and Sound healing, energy work and Astrology and Tarot guidance.

My Philosophy

We are here to rebirth through the earth and bring our light and our own personal evolution to this journey called life and if we can do good in the path we have done well.

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