Free Trial & Membership

When does my free trial begin?

The free trial begins the moment you sign up for it and lasts for 14 days. Register here.

Will I be charged automatically after the free trial ends?

Yes. After your free trial ends, your membership you selected at registration will begin. You have the ability to upgrade or downgrade your membership.

What does my free trial give me?

During the free trial, you have access to all classes. Workshops can be purchased for an extra fee.

What are the subscription plan offerings?

VIVAYA offers packages and memberships offered to fit every budget. Register and view subscription offers here.

Taking a Class

How do I know which classes are right for me?

Read the class description ahead of time to get a sense of what to expect and whether this is a good fit for you. If you are new to yoga or have any injuries or other conditions, be sure to let your guide know before class via chat or audio.

Do I have to reserve my classes in advance?

Yes. Reserving your class will provide you with access to join the live class from your seeker dashboard.

What do I need to do to prepare before my first class?

VIVAYA streams all classes using Zoom. Please download Zoom once before your first class unless it is already downloaded on your device. You do not need to register a user account with Zoom.

How do I access my class?

From your dashboard you can view your upcoming classes. 10 minutes before the start of class, you will be able to join by simply clicking ‘start class’. This will prompt a live-stream window to open.

Do I need any props?

Please check the class description for props. If you don’t own any props, your guide will be happy to offer suggestions or modifications.

Where should I place my device?

Place your device diagonally at 3 - 5 feet distance from you, so your guide can see your practice and make adjustments when necessary.

Which viewing mode should I choose on Zoom?

For a yoga class we recommend using Speaker View (the default setting). Gallery View is great for workshops, as they are interactive. You can toggle between these viewing modes in the upper right hand corner. You can also pin the camera permanently to your guide or any other participant by clicking on it and choosing “Pin Video”.

What can I do to improve the quality of the live-stream?

We recommend closing any open tabs in your browser as well as other running applications on your device.

Are there replays after the live-steaming class?

VIVAYA is committed to presenting the most current and fresh live content to our community, which is why all of our classes are live-streamed and with the additional option to watch the replay for 48hrs after the live stream.

Reimbursement & Cancellation

How do I cancel a class, workshop or session that I’ve registered for?

You’ll find a cancellation link in both your dashboard once you’ve logged in and in the email confirmation you received after registering. You can cancel at any time prior to the start of the session. If you don’t receive your refund automatically, please email us at info@vivayalive.com about the cancellation so that we can manually process your refund.

What happens if I miss a class but forgot to cancel?

Nothing if you are a free trial or membership seeker. If you use a package or drop-in class you need to cancel before the class starts to receive a refund.

How do I upgrade my payment information?

Login to your account and access your dashboard. At the very bottom of the page you will get to your quick links section. Select payment information and update your credit card information.

How can I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership from the membership cancellation option in your quick link menu on the dashboard.

Security of my personal information?

Personal information is kept confidential. Payment details are safely encrypted and stored through our payment processing partner.


What classes does VIVAYA offer?

Our class schedule features a wide range of yoga and meditation styles, as well as reiki and other forms of energy healing. See our Schedule for a current look at our classes, and explore our Offerings to read about the full range of services offered through VIVAYA.

What do I need to use VIVAYA?

When you sign up for a class on VIVAYA you will be prompted to download Zoom onto your device; it is a very quick and easy install. If any items or props are needed for a specific class it will be listed in the class description.

Do I need to have a fast Internet connection to use VIVAYA?

High speed internet with a speed of at least 3 Mbps is recommended. You can check your download speed here.

Can I join with my phone?

Yes, you can join on any device of your choice. VIVAYA will also be available as an app in the near future.

What does ‘interactive’ mean?

You will see and communicate with your guide and other students like in a regular studio class. If you choose to keep your video on during class, your guide can see you and help you make modifications and adjustments based on your needs and experience.

Can I practice anonymously?

Yes, If you prefer to be anonymous and rather not be seen, you can simply turn your camera off in your Zoom settings. You can even change your name.