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VIVAYA is the world’s first interactive live-streaming Health & Wellness Center to offer yoga, meditation, nutrition, coaching and healing arts all in one

We created VIVAYA for exceptional yogis, teachers and healers like you and we would be honored to have you on board!


You will be part of an incredible community of yogis, guides and healers transforming people`s lives

Why Teach With VIVAYA?

  • CONVENIENCE You live-stream your events and classes at your convenience from wherever you are.
  • GLOBAL REACH You connect with a new audience of yogis and wellness seekers worldwide.
  • NETWORK You keep in touch with your student network and community while you are traveling or holding a retreat.
  • GREATER EARNINGS You create new revenue channels and additional income.
  • MARKETINGS SUPPORT VIVAYA actively supports you with social media advertising, Public Relations, marketing and event promotion.

VIVAYA Supports You!

  • VIVAYA Creates the ultimate convenience for you and your students by boosting your practice into the digital age.
  • VIVAYA Connects you with existing and new audiences beyond geographical limitations.
  • VIVAYA Creates new earnings opportunities for you.
  • VIVAYA Offers high profit sharing. You will receive 60%-70% of revenues without any hidden charges.
  • VIVAYA Doesn’t charge any upfront, set up or membership fees.
  • VIVAYA Enables you to work at your own time and create your own schedule.

VIVAYA was created with your needs in mind

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Focus on doing what you love - work with clients, teach yoga, inspire, heal.

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Share your inspirational practice and wisdom anytime anywhere.

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VIVAYA manages all the admin, bookings and wires your payments to your bank account.

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Just create your profile, set your schedule and start streaming. It’s that simple!


How do I start the class I'm teaching?

15 minutes before the start of your class, a blue button will appear in your account dashboard that counts down from 15 minutes and says ‘start class.” You can click on the button and it will launch you into a zoom pro account. You can click the button and open up the class at any point once that button appears.

Can I see a list of students signed up for class?

You can see a list of students when there are over 5 students signed up.

When do guides receive payment and how?

Guides receive payment during the first week of each new month for the month prior. Payments are received to the guides provided paypal or zelle address provided to the Guide Manager.

What if I need to cancel a class?

All guides are able to cancel their own class at any point 24 hours prior to the start of the class. Once you are within the 24 hour window, you will be instructed to email in order to request the class to be cancelled.

Are classes recorded?

All classes are recorded and available for only students who have signed up for the class. The classes remain available for 48 hours after the class upon which will no longer be available. Workshops are recorded and stay available for 7 days after the workshop.

What is the guide's payment payout?

Guides receive 60% - 80% payout of the class revenue. The shared revenue % is dictated by the average number of students.

Are there any guaranteed class payment structures?

VIVAYA has a Core Guides program that guarantees guides $20 / class taught. Guides qualify for this program after being with VIVAYA for 4 months.

Can VIVAYA be used by guides with little technological know-how?

Absolutely! Our cutting edge technology is intuitive and easy to use and navigate. We have also created a streaming manual with do’s and don’ts that will help you to create a sophisticated and professional streaming experience.

What kind of equipment do I need for live-streaming?

Most guides stream their classes and 1-1 sessions from their computer. For the best audio quality we recommend that you use a microphone, such as the Amazon Basic Desktop Mini Condenser Microphone. We provide detailed information about equipment and streaming set-up in our streaming manual.

Can I see my students during the class or workshop?

Yes, you can see the students and communicate with them like in a regular studio class.

Can I mute the students?

Yes, you can mute and unmute your students and they can also use the chat function while they are muted.

Are there any bandwidth requirements for live-streaming?

A regular internet service of 1.5 mbps or more will allow for an excellent streaming quality. We recommend that you test your internet connection and close your open tabs before streaming your events.

Is there a minimum of classes that I should teach?

No, you are in charge of your own schedule, but we do recommend teaching a minimum of 1 class per week, frequent 1-1 sessions and 1-2 workshops per month.

What are the support services that VIVAYA provides?

In addition to connecting you with clients, scheduling and streaming your events, VIVAYA supports you with social media marketing, event promotion, admin, accounting and transaction services. We will provide you with emails and social media posts that you can share with your followers and clients to inform them about your upcoming schedule and activities.

What is my cost to stream on VIVAYA?

Nothing, we don’t charge any membership or upfront fees to guides and there are no hidden costs! The VIVAYA business model is entirely based on revenue sharing.

Can I invite my clients and social media followers to my VIVAYA classes?

Yes, we are business partners, and we highly recommend that you communicate about VIVAYA regularly and consistently to your audience, as we promote you to our existing audience as well, in order to bring many participants into your classes. We also put together a manual with guidelines on how to most effectively communicate and promote your VIVAYA classes.

How and when will I receive my payments?

We transfer your payment every month directly into your bank account.

Can I participate in the VIVAYA Blog?

The VIVAYA blog is a great place to share articles and insights about your work with our community of seekers and get them interested in your workshops, classes and personal 1-1 sessions.

What are the next steps?

After your application has been reviewed you will be invited to an intro chat in which one of our team members will walk you through the whole process and answer any questions you may have.

Morgan Lulu

Looking forward to have you join our community!

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