Kai Clay

New York

""When you connect fully to your own energy—there is no limit to your potential. For there is no limit that which is YOU” -- BAHLON"

Meet BAHLON an ancient and wise high-vibration entity from the Causal Plane channeled by Master Trance Channel Kai Clay. The messages and healing energy shared during their packed group events are always uplifting, are often staggeringly predictive—filled with the Divine healing energy of Universal love, hope and healing. Kai supports individuals from all walks of life. Business leaders, moms, healers, celebrities and even Buddhist monks who regularly book sessions with Bahlon. "You're all as powerful as the stars themselves." -- BAHLON



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Spiritual Counseling

Psychic Readings

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My Philosophy

Each one of us are filled with enormous light. Bahlon and my family are here, to help you fully embrace your own power and reach your full potential.

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