Tracy Shearer


"Be the change you seek" - Everything you need is within. Love and embrace your true self, trust and allow your inner light to guide the way."

The inspiration to engage, teach and coach comes from personal understanding - been there. Stressed out, no work/life balance, poor food choices, sickly - I needed change. Yoga led the way to transformation and changed my life helping me incorporate mindfulness, become plant based, increase energy levels, and embody positive well-being. This fueled the desire to learn more, "be" more and to help others, resulting in wellness advocacy and the yoga practice I humbly embrace. I am a 500hr RYT, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner dedicated to helping people eat, move, and live better.


Holistic Nutrition

Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching

Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

Meditation Teacher Training

The Kaivalya Yoga Method Academy

Yogamu Institute

Meditation Alliance International

American Fitness Professionals and Associates

Plant Based Nutrition -T. Colin Campbell Foundation at Cornell University

My Philosophy

My philosophy is to be mindfully present and content every day. To focus with gratitude on the here and now, as I am, where I am, with that I have. I AM is all I need to be. It is the foundation for grounding and purpose.

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