whitney Hosein

"Change is the only constant. "

I have been meditating and practicing asana for over a decade now, and have been teaching for about half of that journey. This practice has transformed my life and my mind immeasurably, and it is my sadhana (path) to extend that to all those willing to walk their own. I incorporate the elements as well as the laws of nature, physiology and anatomy in this practice, using our control of the physical body to gain control of the subtler ones.

My Philosophy

My personal style is the marriage of science and spirituality. Neither is discrete or unto itself, but rather a glimpse of the unity that is beyond our current sensory perception. In my classes, we train the body, the senses and, most importantly, the attention, toward the subtle senses and extra-senses. We perform many exercises of varied intensities and modalities to accomplish this.

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