Glendy Yeung

"It is in elevating your own vibration - your thoughts, your words, your purpose, and your actions - that the world can be elevated. Change your vibration, change the world. It starts with you."

Glendy Yeung practices Vibrational Wellness in New York City to bring people from the state of stress to clarity, focus and resilience. She alchemizes energy healing principles and tools from many disciplines she has studied over the course of 15+ years from Tibetan Buddhism, Yoga, Pranic Healing, Arhatic Yoga, Sound Healing, Crystal Healing. Flower Essence therapy, The Template, Yuen Method, Dowsing and more. Glendy employs assorted tools and wisdom from these disciplines along with multi-dimensional tools to bring about transformations that improve the way we experience ourselves and the world around us, be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. The result is easeful body and peaceful mind with tools to help get you back to the state over and over again.


Guided Visualization Meditation

Sound Healing

Pranic Healing Classes + Associate Certification Program

My Philosophy

Your self-healing journey is your journey of self-empowerment. I am honored to provide nurturing support to ignite the power of flow, alignment, awareness for transformation and connection.

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