Meris Gebhardt


"Continue to learn, continue to love. Leave them learnt and loved."

Meris has dedicated her life to the transformational practice of meditation and yoga. Having discovered the practice of meditation during a tumultuous relationship, this became her daily 3 minutes of safe space until it became her life’s work. Rewire the brain with healthy neuro pathways. Not only were the mind, body and heart free to heal, they began to thrive. Today, it is her life’s mission to encourage professional individuals to know their inherent value. We aim to soothe nerves and become one with Highest Self. Fall in love, cultivate love and live your BEST LIFE!

My Philosophy

Meditation in a word is LOVE. The second word is AWARENESS. Meditation offers a sanctuary to commune with Divine. Cut through desires of the flesh in order to access the inner eternal bliss state. What's unique about my approach is not only synthesizing 1000s of years of time tested and trusted teachings but also infusing my own truth. Should you choose to engage with us, you will be experiencing real-time divine downloads that are coming through me to give you exactly what you need.

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