Michaela Bardossas

"I am always learning, growing, evolving, and expanding. "

Hi I'm Michaela! I'm a certified yoga, flexibility, and aerial instructor as well as a holistic nutritionist. I am passionate about exploring unique, functional forms of movement that inspire growth as well as overall holistic, natural living. In a vinyasa yoga class with me, I teach a strong, creative and intelligently sequenced flow suitable for all levels. I am known in any class you take of mine for my detailed alignment cues and creative dance like flows that feel fluid and nourishing to the mind, body and soul. I have also created my own style of yoga called "Flexibility and Flow" that I think you will all love! In this class I have combined vinyasa yoga principles with the safe and active flexibility techniques learned in my flexibility training. Flexibility/contortion classes are normally geared towards circus arts, but I know that what I learned in my training can be extremely beneficial in a yoga practice for ALL levels. This class will help you to deepen your yoga practice and feel better moving in your flow. The first half of the class we spend warming up with active mobility work to safely and gradually deepen stretches, and then we begin to flow with a vinyasa class built on the warm ups we did, so that you can feel better and more fluid as you move. You will leave feeling lighter, stronger, and more open than you ever have!

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