Margo Drucker


"Nurture your joy!"

I’m a Board Certified Integrative Hypnotist, Certified Integrative Life Coach and Reiki Master Teacher (cert. 1997). I specialize in Stress and Anxiety Management, Unwanted Habituated Patterns, and the Practical Past Life Regression Experience. Because I work with numerous processes and techniques I can assist you with any issue you’re finding hard to handle on your own. I help my clients make significant changes with a multi-faceted approach customized to fit each individual’s needs: ▪️Brain Training - You will learn self-directed neuroplasticity to rewire your brain. The techniques are easy-to-use, proven ways to change emotions and eliminate cravings, compulsions, and unconscious, habituated patterns. ▪️Mind/Body Alignment - Addresses imbalances in the body’s energy system to mitigate physical symptoms and enrich self-advancement. It promotes systemic harmonization for better mental and physical health. ▪️Conscious/Unconscious Integration - You will experience whole-mind expansion, exploration, and integration. I work with my clients to identify and break through limitations of the unconscious mind. I then utilize dynamic and conversational ways of influencing and guiding the unconscious for multi-level change to help my clients define their vision, set challenging goals, create a plan of action, and achieve results. ▪️Practical Past Life Regression Experience - Whether there’s a belief in past lives and desire to explore for the sake of creative inspiration, discovery, and enlightenment, or the knowledge that the unconscious mind loves elaborate metaphors, the 2PLRE is a valuable tool for growth and change. My clients gain insight, access to their deep well of creativity, and practical solutions for today’s challenges. Enjoy life!


It was part of the ICRT training 1995-1997

Certified Hypnotist

Integrative Life Coach

Integrative Life Coach

Reiki III/Master

My Philosophy

Make the conscious choice to be the best version of yourself you can be. Heal what needs healing, learn conscious/unconscious integration, learn how to utilize mind, brain, and body techniques to create lasting personal change. The things we have control over are what we pay attention to, how and what meaning we make of them, and how we respond to that. You are more powerful than you think! Much Love, Margo

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