Talitha Wall

"Be Limitless"

Talitha is a powerful, loving healer and teacher. She was born with extraordinary gifts and began studying all things "healing" at age 5 with a medicine man who was like a grandfather to her. By the age of 19 she began a 5 year program for energy healing and has maintained a full-time healing and teaching practice for over 20 years. (She lives in CA, but travels extensively...her online schedule will reflect this lifestyle and the various time zones.)


Chakra Meditation

Energy Healing

My Philosophy

Alignment is everything! I have found no other 1 thing to be more important than the alignment between ALL dimensions. Without this, issues manifest where misalignments originate. Assisting you with learning your personal multi-dimensional system and process is the goal of all healings and teachings with me. When you're willing to begin the journey of deep alignment and personal sovereignty, you WILL master the creation of your life. BE LIMITLESS!

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