Leticia Abasto

New York

"सच्चिदानन्द Sat: Existence. Cit: Consciousness Ananda: Bliss "

Leticia Abasto has been traveling for more than 5 years worldwide learning and teaching Yoga in more than 10 different countries and languages. She is passionate about teaching others about unity and integrating every part of themselves.  She is an open-minded curious being, constantly expanding her knowledge and awareness. The journey to unity starts with the journey of self-discovery. By honoring each person's uniqueness, individuality, and freedom. Humility leads her search for new knowledge and experiences because she knows there is always much more to learn.   Arts is her other main passion. Painter, photographer, videographer, designer, and author. Leticia finds inspiration in her travels and the human being.


The Yoga Forest

The Yoga Forest

The Yoga Forest

The Yoga Forest

Hypnosis Healing

Ayuveda Center Lake Atitlan

My Philosophy

From moving out of her mother's house in Brazil to New York City on her own at the age of 17 years old, Leticia Abasto shares an important mindset about how to leave unfulfilling relationships, places, and identities that do not serve you. She believes that life can be better than it is now and that life by itself is blissful.

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