Artie Vipperla Phd

New York

"Giving is receiving - "Holy virgin mother queen, Goddess on they throne The eternal feminine lures to perfection" Goethe, closing lines of "Faust," 1826"

Living this life’s dream, now ripened as a twinkly eyed elder, dad & grandpa, sharing the discovery of a lifetime – an original updating of timeless wisdom as energy mastery transmission: Harmonize All of You with All fuses & dramatically enhances the benefits of yoga, meditation, energy healing, breath & body work & prayer. My newly published 120 pp book, hailed as “scripture” in raves on Amazon, is available as my video reading with scrolling text along with access to a course at Blessed to be in Costa Rica, with a new fiancée & godson, three well-partnered ecologically conscious millennial offspring in Brooklyn, best health ever at 77. Harmonize All of You with All is a pleasurable practice, doable in minutes anytime, anywhere, that came spontaneously on the morning of my 67th birthday in 2012, blending decades of higher practices, the answer to my prayer since the Vietnam War to serve peace. It is a way of ways that heals what familiar trauma treatments overlook & grows energies exponentially so you live & radiate increasingly as your unique Divine cosmic essence. Creds: Harvard High Honors, undercover spy in the war, then PhD in clinical psychology & did the 1981 study for US Congress that put PTSD on the map & wrote “Healing from the War” awarded in 1985 in NY Times. Served on the President’s Commission on Mental Health.


Pranic Healing

Certified Personal Trainer

Reiki 1 and 2

Energy Healing

Spiritual Counseling

Psychic Readings

Anat Baniel Method Feldenkrais

Discussion and Meditation

My Philosophy

"We are here to realize who we are as Divine cosmic uniquely invaluable messengers." To aid with that, let me introduce you to the discovery of my lifetime in my "Energy Mastery Transmission" classes here on VIVAYA -- where I will guide you to Harmonize All of You with All. For the fuller promise of this practice, see my video here, and if you're called, follow up with my book & course at Loving blessings, Artie

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