Sarah Ceo

"The purpose of life is to awaken and improve Spiritually. "

Sarah has been practicing Yoga since 2000 and started teaching in 2010.  She has completed over 900 hours of Yoga Teacher Certification Program and is also certified Traditional Usui Reiki Master Teacher and  Holistic Life Coach.  This broad knowledge and training allows her to customize the practice to her student's specific needs on a physical, mental and emotional levels to help them improve Spiritually. Her classes are joyful, inspiring and empowering.  She teaches students proper alignment in Yoga poses while also inviting them to find what feels good and follow their own inner wisdom.   After each class, you will feel renewed, relaxed and peaceful.  Each class is a wonderful journey of learning, transformation and awakening. 

My Philosophy

A person cannot give what they do not have. Every step a person takes with the intention of improving and growing counts. Every day and every step, I continue to improve myself and the quality of service I share with students. My intention is to assist others in finding, at whatever level they choose, positive improvements in spirit, mind, body, health and well-being.

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