Rebekah Boatrite

"Show a little faith there's magic in the night."

Rebekah is an alignment-based teacher trained in Amy Ippoliti's Jaya Yoga Method. At the heart of her teaching lie three principles which allow the practitioner to experience the fullness that being a student of yoga can offer: 1. Attitude: Remaining open to possibility and celebrating life in all the ways it has chosen to present itself. 2. Alignment: Having an awareness of how various aspects of ourselves are aligned. Creating alignment not only our bodies in intelligent ways, but allowing that alignment to permeate through every aspect of our lives, ultimately creating greater connection. 3. Action: Yoga is about taking action. When we remember the immense possibility of even our slightest actions, we can begin to see how intertwined we are with each other and the world and the profound effect we can have. Rebekah teaches to empower others to embrace the fullness of life with strength and grace. Her classes are playgrounds for progressive learning, offering a space for students to delve into the nuances of their practice through alignment, breath, meditation, and storytelling — all while having an adventurously good time. Find out more:

My Philosophy

Based in Rajanaka Tantra. Primary teacher: Douglas Brooks, Ph.D

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