Siri Bahadur Khalsa


"Sat Nam. My mantra has come to be all sound and no sound - the state of being open to the realm of the Zero Point. In that space Consciousness relates beyond body and mind finding what we express in our range of vibrating frequencies."

My experience of Kundalini Yoga has blossomed and deepened over more than 40 years of practice. The inspiration for those years of discovery has been the application of the teachings delivered from that discipline's treasure of wisdom. The unearthing of limiting perceptions, past experiences and ubiquitous faulty programing from various institutions is the wellspring of what progress the yoga sets, pranayama exercises and mantra repetition have opened to my inner and outer gaze. We have only the need to acknowledge what is not working for us, and discover why that is the case, and ask Divine Reality to remove, solve and dissolve those issues and we will come closer to the birthright of consciously living in the NOW in alignment with the Divine. Our practice can bring us to greater strength, joy and purpose when we agree to apply a truthful eye to our experience and also agree to do our personal work of living in greater visible and spiritual freedom.


Level 1 and Level 2 500 hour Trainings

Mind and Meditation Level 1

Level 2 Mind & Meditation Course

Sikh Dharma Minister Credentials

My Philosophy

The Source of all Being is The Cosmos both formed and unformed. That Source, the Divine Reality, is the fabric of creation present within and as the particles of creation in perfect equilibrium. Those particles are aligned magnetically and the magnetism is affected by brain waves. The light is action. The magnetism provides purpose. The purpose is to express Unconditional Love in action and that the is Cause of all circumstances, which we, as Consciousness have the privilege to co-create.

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