Diana Deuschle

"I Change My Thoughts; I Change Who I am"

I began my yoga journey in 2000 while recovering from a foot injury sustained in a car accident and struggling with anxiety. I began my practice at home and after several years decided to move my practice to a studio. Through the studio experience, I learned how the breath helps the connection between the mind and body, which allowed me to discover a quiet mind while building strength within the body. . My classes embrace this interconnection, and offer a warm and welcoming space to soften, become present, and explore. I encourage students to use props, and provide support and modifications. My main goal is to share a practice that is accessible to all, and to meet people where they are, as they are.

My Philosophy

Yoga isn't about executing the poses perfectly, or having the best balance. Yoga is about connecting with yourself. Yoga is learning to breathe so you can balance the mind, body, and spirit. Yoga is about showing up on your mat and taking a moment to be yourself with no judgment, doubts, fears, or expectations. Yoga is about being you and only you!

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