Lindsay Nader


"Perfection is the highest level of self abuse"

Hello! My name is Lindsay Nader, I am a yoga teacher and student, a personal trainer, small business owner and mom. I grew up in Los Angeles but now live in Sacramento California and am so grateful to experience the beauty of Northern California on a daily basis. I took my first yoga class in college and only dabbled for many years because I felt that form of “exercise” made me too “emotional”. Hahahaha I look back at that now and chuckle, as yoga has become such a massive part of my life, and the hunger for deepening my understanding, teaching and practice continue to grow. I wish I could tell 18 year old Lindsay that it’s ok to work really hard and then enjoy a good old fashioned ugly cry on her mat. I completed my teacher training at Solfire in Sacramento CA, and it was the first time I really leaned in and listened to myself, learned about myself and developed a ritual of self inquiry. I teach yoga because I want to share the gifts I received and hold space for people to truly be themselves. We are so inundated with messaging like “be like this”, “act like this”, “look like this”, “eat this”, “buy this”, “watch this”… everywhere we look something or someone is telling us who we are supposed to be. I teach yoga so I can provide a space of freedom, support and compassion for people to be their authentic selves.


Power Yoga


RYT 200

My Philosophy

My classes are high energy and challenging. If you like to breathe, sweat, laugh and maybe dance a little while you peel back the layers of who you are, then my classes are definitely for you.

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