Jacky Falla


"I am the light I see in others"

I was born and raised in Guatemala, the mystical heart of the Mayan civilization. At age 21, I left home on a quest to create a deeper connection with myself and others. After traveling and living in Southeast Asia for two years, I had the opportunity to obtain extensive knowledge in Eastern philosophies that I now share with the Western world. I stumbled upon the healing arts by seeking a solution to personal struggles in my early twenties. I was able to not only heal, but to learn how to create the life I wanted. My mission is to guide as many people as I can towards emotional freedom through the beautiful practices of Yoga, Reiki and Neurolinguistic Programming.

My Philosophy

I believe that by igniting our fire we can serve our communities in the best possible way. We rise as a collective by working on ourselves first, then sharing our light with the people around us.

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