Kylie Holman


"Asatoma Sat-gamaya Tamasoma Jyotir-gamaya Mrityorma Amritam-gamaya "

My name is Kylie Holman, I am a registered yoga teacher recognized by Yoga Alliance with a background in energetic and intuitive work. I work closely with my clients to release trapped anxiety and trauma from the body while maintaining a safe space to let go. I have many healing modalities in my "spiritual tool box" and offer services together when it is most beneficial for the client. I strive to deliver an authentic and genuine experience led by my intuition, achieving the best possible outcome for the client and what they need at that time. I offer Shamanic Reiki, Yoga classes, Transformational one on one coaching, Breath work, Meditation, Ecstatic dance, Sacred drumming, Oracle readings, Toe readings, and Chanting.


SWIHA 600 HR advanced yoga program

SWIHA 600 HR advanced yoga program

SWIHA bowls on body sound healing

Shamanic medicine wheel

Shamanic reiki 1-4

My Philosophy

My teaching is based on recognizing our infinite wholeness and reconnecting to our primal selves as the foundation of a fulfilling and rewarding experience of life. I believe it is about developing and strengthening the inner self, therefore creating a life that is lived from the inside out.

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