Trauma-informed yoga is based on Hatha Yoga, and the emphasis on proper technique has nothing to do with form and everything to do with how participants are feeling. The goal of this approach is to provide survivors a safe space to focus on the power of their body to inform decision-making, thereby strengthening their body awareness and fostering a sense of agency.

While trauma-sensitive yoga classes may not appear very different from your everyday boutique studio class, there are some variations to expect. Typically, trauma-informed yoga classes don't have music, candles, or other distractions. The aim is to minimize stimulation and maintain a calm environment through low or no music, no scents, calming lights, and soft-voiced instructors.

Another aspect of many trauma-informed yoga classes is the lack of hands-on adjustments. Trauma-sensitive yoga is about reconnecting with your body while moving through poses.

The Potential Benefits of Trauma-Informed Yoga 

It can improve your mind-body connection.

It calms the nervous system. 

It emphasizes the present. 

It helps reclaim a sense of control. 

Trauma Informed Yoga Classes

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