Nkem Chukwumerije


"Trust the process. Honor your practice."

I already feel myself drawn to you, dear reader. I feel and see the light in you that desires to feel its fullness, its brightness, regularly. You are in the practice of embodying Love. You are powerfully ushering your dreams into reality and embodying your most integrated, whole version. As we usher our light forward and create physical worlds from our dreams, we must honor the practice of coming home ourselves to really feel who we are, and what it is to live fully. To be honest about our gifts and abilities. To process the material of our lives and learn about inner alignment through the sacred practice of self-healing. This is how we come to embrace our wholeness, our energy signatures, our ways of being in the world, the particular slices of humanity we occupy as we evolve. I want us to occupy our true selves with groundedness, grace, pleasure, and wisdom. I want us to feel empowered, empathic, trusting of Life, and open to Love as we evolve. To bring our dreams into reality – to allow the heart to radiate Love regardless of circumstance – we must know ourselves, where we come from, what creates us, and what we choose to create and co-create with Life. In this process, in this practice, we embody Love and live Truth. We will practice creative embodiment using a multi-modal, multidimensional approach to self-healing and attuning to true inner radiance. Expect the following to grace our practices in this space together: yoga asana, intuitive movement, self-touch and massage, meditation, conscious breathing, energy cultivation, divination, visualization and intuition development, and writing. Ready for a multidimensional adventure? Let's dive in.


Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Certificate

Qi Gong Flow Instructor

200hr Yin Yang Yoga Teacher Training with Rise & Shine Yoga Ibiza

My Philosophy

We practice to bring ourselves into alignment with what feels like a Truthful way of being. We all have the potential to discover, understand, embrace, and cultivate our own personal medicine – our personal power. I believe our personal power is found through attuning to inner knowing and living out our authentic creative expression.

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