Technically an umbrella term that encompasses most other forms of yoga commonly taught and practiced today, Hatha is also considered its own type of yoga. It emphasizes mastery of the body through intentional physical exercises, often moving at a slower pace to more specifically and deeply explore each asana.



Hatha yoga classes are built around a mindful progression of sustained poses. Each may be held for a longer period of time compared with faster-flow yoga practices. This offers the ability to really feel your body and take at least several breaths in each asana, making adjustments based on your teachers cues to help you sink deeper into your practice. The slower-to-moderate pacing can be deceivingly challenging, engaging muscles throughout your body and improving stability and balance.


Both calming and strengthening, Hatha can be as effective as an introductory form of yoga as it can be a challenge for experienced students. It offers opportunity for more thorough explanation and exploration of each posture, which can translate to a more comprehensive practice that is felt both within Hatha as well as holding relevance for other yoga forms. If you are interested in greater body awareness in your practice, Hatha has much to offer.



"Anything that you throw comes back. All your actions are echoes." -- Swami Satchidananda

Hatha Yoga Classes

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