Mantra Meditation in its essence is a meditation process that utilizes a special mantra to focus your attention, clear your mind and elevate your spirit. A mantra is a sacred sound, word or phrase that holds a deeper, greater meaning for you or universally. Sanskrit mantras are commonly used in meditation, including as part of certain yoga classes, but a mantra can be in any language. Every mantra has a different physical and energetic vibration, and therefore holds a unique power – most important is that is resonates for and within you.



Explore the VIVAYAmeditations and you’ll find offerings centered around mantras focused on different elements of life – from healing and strength, to self-love, clarity and prosperity. You will be guided through different ways of holding the mantra – verbally through speaking or chanting, silently within yourself, at different paces or intervals and with varying types of breathwork. In one-on-one classes, your teacher may discuss with you finding your mantra on which to meditate. Perhaps you already have a sound, word or phrase meaningful to you, or your teacher can help you find something appropriately resonant.



Mantra Meditation is for anyone and everyone, but may be especially useful for those just beginning a meditation practice, looking to re-set or who find the notion of “clearing” the mind to be challenging. It can also be useful if you have a specific goal to achieve or obstacle to overcome, in that you may have a mantra related to what you are focused on. Consider it a super-dose of power to expand on your already limitless potential.



Sky above. Earth below. Peace within.

Mantra Meditation Classes

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