Jordan Kiefer O'sullivan


"We are all as unique in our healing as we are in our personalities. Finding and developing the right path for each of us creates the most direct path to wellness."

As a long-term meditator, meditation teacher, and neuroscientist, I have always had a passion for the mind and body and how they interact. Combining physiology with spirituality has been a consistent theme in my career and I have taught all sorts of people from corporate CEOs and their employees to deeply spiritual individuals looking to deepen their connections within themselves and beyond. My philosophy is simple: do what works. With a background coming from scientific academia, I take an evidenced-based approach when it comes to teaching and healing. The methods and techniques I impart to my students come from time-tested ancient wisdom, science-backed techniques, and my own experiences. My favorite topics to teach are transformational breathwork, flow state training, and awareness-based techniques for dealing with anxiety, burnout, etc. A core tenet of my practice is authenticity. The field of meditation and related techniques has become a multi-billion dollar industry, with growth almost all focused in the past 10-15 years. With that, there is a lot of information out there, a lot of techniques, a lot of stuff that does work, and frankly, a lot of stuff that does not. Being in the business and a consultant of neuroscience and meditation, I have seen both sides and I strive to help my clients navigate their own path most directly, finding what works for them and cutting through any ambiguity. Overall, I love working with clients, explaining how to work with their brain, body, and awareness while also giving them as much understanding as they desire regarding how it all works on the physiological level. I have enjoyed the results I have seen with clients over the years and look forward to teaching more students!

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