A regular yoga practice is one of the most powerful gifts you can give yourself.

Derived from a Sanskrit word that means “union”, yoga was cultivated to clarify the mind and create unity, or oneness, between mind, body and spirit.

Yoga is for everyone and everybody. Yoga as a practice does not discriminate. It elevates. Yoga works with and for all levels of fitness and flexibility, all levels of experience, all body types, all ages. And it teaches us acceptance, love, compassion, and peace – while instilling and fostering grounding and strength.


Different styles incorporate different types and degrees of physical postures (asana), breathwork (pranayama), chanting and meditation. While certain types of yoga are based on set routines, and others are varied, there is no singular one-size-fits-all practice. Like can attract like when it comes to yoga – for example, if you love HIIT workouts, you may be drawn to Power Yoga – but it’s also important to consider balance. Someone who is highly active may find greater individual benefit from Kundalini or Yin Yoga, while a vigorous Vinyasa Yoga class may be best for someone looking to move more. There’s no right or wrong. It’s important to listen to your body and practice what feels right, challenging yourself within appropriate parameters. And VIVAYA offers a broad variety of yoga forms and teachers.


Yoga transcends limitations and has as much to offer you as you are open to receiving. Yoga meets you where you are, and is always there for you. It is modifiable and adjustable so you can both effectively and safely move through a practice that meets your needs, desires and abilities. You can only practice on your mat (or any available floor space), or you can carry the philosophy of yoga through to other parts of your life and self.


Physical benefits include improvements in strength, flexibility, muscle tone and weight management. Yoga has even shown to help with cardiovascular health and help moderate blood pressure. You will likely find your mind is clearer and more open, and it may help improve or stabilize your mood and energy. A regular yoga practice can help with stress management, sleep cycles. It can also help relieve common aches and pains, like a sore back, stiff neck or tight hips. With openness, you will become more in touch with your physical and emotional self, and be brought close to a greater spirituality.

Surrender to the bliss of yoga. Aum. Namaste.


The yoga instructors you’ll find here are certified through rigorous training and at least 2 years of, teaching and continuing education. Some teach in studios regularly, others are private-only instructors. Many have undergone a training accredited by the Yoga Alliance, with additional study building on this foundation. Others have found their way to becoming an outstanding instructor through an alternate immersive path.

While the nuances of teaching styles and yogic approaches will vary from teacher to teacher, you will find in all VIVAYA yoga instructors a commonality in their depth of knowledge, compassion and patience, and dedication to working with you.

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