Angela Rosoff


"My personal mantra is “I am a vital being. I share pathways to vitality.”"

I believe in insight-driven healing journey. Through movement, nourishment, and lifestyle practices, my students find balance and feelings of joy and safety in their bodies. The internal landscape is cultivated with face and body, yoga, Ayurveda, and community.


Ayurveda Digestive Health

The Face Yoga Method

Ashtanga Yoga


Masters in Ayurveda Digestive Health

Yoga and Ayurveda Center

My Philosophy

My philosophy is to offer a joyful, uplifting, and beauty-filled safe space to experiment with your personal practice. I seek inclusivity in my work and believe in equitable access to yoga. With trauma-informed teaching, I offer gentle guidance to help you become aware of your beauty from the inside out. Beauty helps my students to develop and sustain a yoga and wellness practice that you will cherish coming back to again and again.

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