It’s impossible to move through life completely unscathed – it’s part of the journey – and trauma can occur in different ways, and can be held onto in any number of ways as well. It can be physical or emotional, or a combination of the two. It can be a singular experience or something that accumulates over time. No matter the details, trauma and its energy almost always manifest itself in some way not only in the heart or mind, but also within the tissues of the body. Trauma Coaching offers one way to help you on your journey working through these challenging experiences, identifying how and why your body and mind in the present may be holding onto trauma and finding ways to help you move through and onward from it.



It’s important to understand that Trauma Coaching differs from therapy, though the two are extremely complementary and can happen at the same time, or in succession. First and foremost, in Trauma coaching, the guide you work with as your coach will always hold a safe space for you. There is no issue to big or small, and your guide will be there to honor your experience and offer confidence, guidance and encouragement throughout your process. Sometimes, the new perspectives and means of addressing what you’ve gone through that your guide can offer can help.



Addressing, processing and releasing trauma can open up and create new space within yourself for enriching growth, experiences, relationships and more. Progress and the experience of working through trauma isn’t always linear and doesn’t always have a firm end-date – but with coaching, introspection, a desire for healing and forward progression in mind, you will start to rebuild and redefine your present and future.

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