Gregory Steen


"It is with Great Respect and Love that I welcome you with all my Heart! ——-Gurumayi (Guru of the Sidda Yoga Dahm)"

While Serving a Life Without Parole Sentence I discovered Yoga and became a Teacher in the country’s first Teacher Training in 2015! I became a student of Siddha Yoga Meditation in 2011. It was thru this growth that I found not only Freedom Within but ultimately led to my freedom back into society in 2021. Today I work to help the homeless population of Washington State find permanent housing. Today I seek to share my experience strength and hope so that the flame of consciousness may inspire others to live in peace Love and prosperity.


Trauma Informed Instructor

Yoga Behind Bars

My Philosophy

The Inner stillness which exists in us all became the Play of Consciousness! What we seek throughout our lives is to come to this realization because we know in our hearts that the sensation of Love that navigates our existence peers thru the senses and actually helps us look for this very truth. It is only when we learn to sit for meditation long enough that we can find the source of our very existence.

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