Movement and Dance are ways in which the body expresses and conveys emotion. Dance is the language of the body and some believe that it is our first birthright. Moving the body rhythmically with intention and purpose can be healing and nourishing for any practitioner. VIVAYA guides are here to encourage you on your journey of movement and expression to be creative, authentic, vulnerable, and intuitive and are excited to connect with you on your journey. There are many categories of Dance and Movement and we encourage you to be curious to try them all. Some types of Dance are slow, meditative, sacred, while others are upbeat and modern. VIVAYA is sure to have many opportunities for you to move and connect with yourself and others.

Movement & Dance Classes

Day: Sat Mar 02

Time: 2:00 pm

Truly for the women (and men) who are looking to have a deep physical intitation or tremendous communion with the ...


Movement & Dance Guides