The human body is miraculous in many ways, including its innate ability to regularly “detoxify” itself, as various organs and systems work together to maintain health and balance throughout the body. That being said, there are many nutritional approaches to further support your body’s systems, helping to optimize functionality. A nutritional “detox” can also be used as a bit of a reset. That can mean different things, for example: a phased approach easing a better-for-you diet, or consuming things designed to support digestion in a specific way that is less taxing on your body.



As detoxifying nutrition can take many approaches, your VIVAYAGuide will work closely with you to determine what’s best for your body and needs. Your work together will incorporate specific ingredients and recipes, sometimes with food and drink timed at specific intervals or combined in a particular way. Suggested herbs and supplements may also play a role. You may notice changes in digestion, energy or other shifts along the way, as you eliminate or introduce different foods.



The intention of detoxifying nutrition is to help you feel better. No matter the type of detox, you’ll likely come out of it feeling noticeably lighter and brighter, with more energy and improved digestion, among other results.

Detox Nutrition Classes

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