Just as we can be our own best friends, we can also be our own worst enemy. And it can take the guidance and insights from a someone trained to help you to break through, cut through the clutter and make transformative progress. Think of coaches as a kind of concierge for and curator of your personal and/or professional wellbeing.

Mindfulness, self-awareness, authenticity. It’s not a quick fix, but becoming more effectively introspective and implementing purposeful and tangible changes under the guidance of a professional can not only help shift your perspective – it can change your life.



Working with a coach is an investment in yourself, be it for personal or professional growth, health reasons or to achieve a better work-life balance. These types of coaching are evidence-based offerings that can help you get to know yourself better while facilitating positive change and growth in your life.

Coaches ask you – and help you ask yourself – probing, important questions. Before and after sessions, you may be given “homework” to do – which can vary from committing to incorporating an activity or other new element in your daily or weekly routine or activity, journaling, or another form of self-examination or -care.

You may only seek an individual session, but coaching is often most effective as part of a commitment that extends over a period of time.



Coaches are supportive and encouraging. When we learn to be fully honest and accountable with ourselves, and respectfully test our comfort zones, it isn’t always an easy process – but it is always rewarding. It’s through this hard work that real transformation can take place.

Coaching is a creative and dynamic process, through which you can learn how to better find and use your voice, advocate for yourself, and have more kindness and compassion for yourself and others. It can help you learn how to identify and set needed boundaries. It can evaluate any and all aspects of your life to regain balance. Working with a coach is not a hands-off experience. Your coach will work hard for you, and you have to work hard for yourself as well. This involves deep introspection, examination, and dedication. Advice and suggestions may be given, but you may find you’re often led toward honing your intuition and in turn finding answers and resolutions yourself. In turn, you’ll reap the rewards of fueling positive progress on your journey of growth, be it personally or professionally (or both), or with another focus in mind.



VIVAYA coaches are highly skilled, thoughtful and thought-provoking, often focused on a particular specialty area. All have undergone extensive training, certifications and credentialing to ensure you are working with a trusted – and trustworthy – and highly knowledgeable expert.

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