Therapeutic Yoga is a particularly effective practice for those recovering from, or living with, injury or illness. Therapeutic Yoga combines restorative yoga postures, gentle yoga, breathwork, hands-on healing, and guided meditation techniques. Practice begins with a specific intention to alleviate or lessen physical discomforts &/or emotional distress. Maybe you have some low back issues or a knee that has been giving you trouble.Maybe your mind is on overload and you are looking for a way to change your mindset and recalibrate. Blending science with specific functional anatomy cues with the art of our ancient Yoga practice allows us to lessen some of the stressors on the system and shift into more fluid physical movement and unload our minds. Learn how to capture your breathe and marry it with movement to discover your customized practice. Therapeutic Yoga is for everyone who has the desire to learn how to practice from the inside out.

Therapeutic Yoga Classes

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Therapeutic Yoga Guides