Grace Minton

United Kingdom

""I am grateful for my body and the world. God loves me. I am worthy. Om compassion. My life is true and beautiful. I am living an honest and genuine existence. I am myself. I am real.""

My name is Grace, and I have been teaching yoga for approximately two years. I love teaching classes that combine a variety of yoga types into one, varied practice. I am currently working to earn my Master's in International Peace Studies from Trinity College in Ireland. I work in child advocacy and rights education at UNICEF. On the side, I am working to write a children's book that focuses on healthy, mindful living. In my free time, I enjoy traveling, teaching yoga, and learning Italian. I am married to an Irish lad; together, we like cooking, hiking, and exploring new places.


Truly Helpful

My Philosophy

My philosophy is to always do my best. I believe in going above and beyond to make others happy and to make a positive impact. I think that all people in the world make an impact. Together, we are parts of a whole. We have shared consciousness that we can improve by our actions, thoughts, and words. Anything is possible with the right attitude. The mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional are all interconnected.

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