Tessa Peterson


" "Physical self-awareness is the first step in releasing the tyranny of the past."- Bessel A. van der Kolk"

Owner of Tranquility with Tessa. Yoga has been a significant part of my personal healing journey and I want it to be a part of others' journey as well. I have a trauma-informed approach to yoga. I teach in a way that offers space for healing. I use an embodiment practice that allows for my students to be present with any sensations that arise in the body during our session. I help my students find a sense of grounding throughout to ensure we are connecting our mind and body in a way that feels safe. I use safe and supportive language during my practice while instructing my students in an inviting way instead of commanding.


200 RYT

My Philosophy

Being trauma informed is a lifelong commitment to leaning in and doing the work of being an ally, educating ourselves, being aware of our biases, and engaging in culturally affirming practices. It helps us to compassionately and empathetically hold a safe space for healing to take place. And it allows every interaction to be a powerful reminder: Survivors are the experts of their own experience.

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