Ameenah Thobani


"What You Seek, Seeks you ! Rumi"

Hi, I’m Ameenah Thobani. I am a… • Counselling Hypnotherapist with a Specialty in Past Life Regression • Rapid Transformation Therapy Associate • Spiritual Hypnotherapist • Inner Child Healing Expert • Metaphysical Coach • Reiki Master • Silva Ultra Mind Method Graduate With 20 years of experience, I am a veteran in the fields of Mind Science and Spiritual Coaching. I grew up in an Eastern country steeped in spirituality. My childhood was difficult. I was a sensitive, empathetic, and intuitive girl. Because of this, I developed deep emotional trauma which changed my mental programming to a belief that I was not good enough. But in my teens, I had a profound experience. During the morning meditation hour between 4 and 5 AM, I saw a glimpse of my past life. This moment created an opening for me to gain a profound understanding of the eternal nature of the Soul Realm. Through this experience, I discovered my soul’s purpose, allowing my journey in this world to truly begin. Through this experience, everything became clear. I realized that my soul wanted my idea of “self” to be in union with the Divine Plan. With this understanding, not only could I unblock negative energy in my own life–but I uncovered a fundamental understanding of quantum mechanics, freeing myself from limits by tapping into the quantum field.


Inner Child Healing Diploma

National Guild of Hypnotist

Rapid Transformational Therapy/Counseling Hypnotherapy Diploma

The Fourth Dimension

Compassionate Inquiry

Usui Shiki Kdoho

Sufi way of living

Silva Method/Incorporeal World

My Philosophy

My spiritual quest led me to heal myself by changing beliefs , now I walk with my fellow souls and stand with them to uncover their darkest place with their own light

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