Melaney Wolf

"There is nothing more empowering than self-healing."

Melaney is a Yoga, Meditation, and fitness instructor in New York City. As a former ballerina with a 20-year yoga personal yoga practice, her experience working with the body and mind is vast and spans several modalities. Her goal as an instructor is to provide clients with stress-reduction, clarity of mind, a healthy body, and the tools to enhance their lives all on their own using breath work, meditation, mindfulness, and movement.


Pranavah Yoga Studio

Pranavah Yoga Studio

Pranavah Yoga Studio

Pranavah Yoga Studio

My Philosophy

I believe we all have the tools inside of us to heal any personal issues we have. From trauma to self-worth to trust, we can take control of ourselves and work through our past experiences. Sometimes we just need a little guidance. I believe in yoga and meditation for the reasons they were meant to be utilized: to heal, to let go of things, the heighten our awareness of ourselves and everything around us. To truly connect the mind, body, and soul.

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