Get Connected to Your Body Moon Flow

Vinyasa Yoga
Level 2
Sun Jul 07
(UTC-05:00) New York
45 min

About this class

I teach yoga through the lens of healing and present-moment awareness.

We will move mindfully, meaningfully, and steadily through each posture and transition, connecting to our core center and linking each purposeful breath to each purposeful movement.

I lean on the Moon Phase and Placement to guide us through the practice, in terms of insight and wisdom that can be gleaned from the moon placement (e.g., Full Moon in Leo) and our physical experience of the Moon Phase (e.g., New, First Quarter, Full, Waning Moon) in the "feeling body" (e.g., moving like water or feeling your fire).

You will focus on

  • Meaningful/Mindful Movement (transitions b/w postures are just as important as the postures themselves)
  • Creating a true balance of strength & softness or effort and ease
  • Using your core center to flow (as appropriate for your body)
  • Feeling the Energy of the Moon (phase and sign).

How to come prepared

  • You + your yoga mat :)
  • If you like to use blocks or a strap, please have them handy.
  • A yoga blanket is nice to sit on during meditation or use under your head during Savasana, but it's not necessary.