Body weight is, in the most neutral of terms, simply a bio-statistic. It can be highly variable and relative from person to person, while weight in and of itself is not necessarily an indicator of health, it can play a role in overall wellbeing. Each body has its own unique constitution, which translates into everyone having a unique happy place in terms of an optimal weight range. For some, carrying excess weight can cause undue stress on joints or other structures in the body, or be linked to other health concerns. For others, finding ways to gain weight in a healthy way may be advisable to help address different challenges. No matter the specifics, when weight-related management is needed, finding a way to lose, maintain or gain may help resolve certain issues – and in turn leave you feeling even better.



Of all health and wellness offerings, weight management can be more of a goal or by-product than a technical approach. As a process, it can also happen differently for everyone, often based on a combination of targeted nutrition and movement. Weight management is a highly nuanced, personalized – and personal – process, and your Guide will work closely with you to help identify and implement approaches that are effective, safe and accessible for you and your lifestyle. You might have an approach in mind that your Guide can help you fulfill, or you may work together to evaluate your needs and how to best meet your weight-related goals.



Finding and loving your body’s happy place is liberating, empowering and important for your overall health. Wherever improvements are needed, you’ll go through a tremendous learning experience and evolution – be it nourishing yourself with proper nutrition, improving your fitness, developing a different relationship with food, learning new recipes, or much more.

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