To have a body that moves, breathes and feels is a gift. The specifics of how it can and should be cared for can vary from person to person, but there is a universal truth of doing right by your body: incorporating movement with a purpose.

Restorative Fitness is made up of various forms of functional movement modalities that help our bodies feel and work better, and counterbalance stagnation and strain experienced throughout our days and built up over longer periods of time. It releases stress and tensions, and elevates well-being from the inside-out.



“Restorative” Fitness works with your body to produce both subtle and profound positive shifts. Each type of Restorative Fitness offers unique methods through which to reap benefits that may include growing stronger or more limber, reducing pain or discomfort, and improving physical mindfulness.

From Pilates to Calisthenics to specific methods of stretching, Restorative Fitness can help transform your body – and your life.



All forms of fitness classes on VIVAYAare modifiable and can be accommodated to fit you – your body, your comfort zone, your environment.

If you are recovering from an injury or have physical limitations, Restorative Fitness modalities can always be modified and applied to work with and for you, and support your healing journey.

With VIVAYARestorative Fitness, you can facilitate real and lasting changes in your body.

It’s not about how we look, it’s about how we feel. It’s not about size, it’s about strength. It’s not about competition, it’s about being your best self.



All VIVAYARestorative Fitness guides have undergone extensive training, continuing education and practice in their respective modality of fitness. Rest assured you are in the best hands with any and all of our practitioners and teachers, who are here to help you achieve what it is you seek for your body.

Restorative Fitness Classes

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Restorative Fitness Guides