One of the most effective forms of fitness when it comes to combining strengthening and lengthening, Pilates is a core-centric form of fitness that engages muscles and connective tissue throughout your body.

Pilates is eponymously named for Joseph Hubertus Pilates, a German physical trainer who developed what is today known as “Pilates”. He, with his wife Clara, brought their methods of fitness to the U.S. when they moved to New York City in the 1920s and opened a training center, and Pilates has proliferated ever since. And for good reason.



A Pilates class can be a rigorous workout, gentler flow, or fall somewhere in between. A focus on your core, from postural structures to breathing and muscle engagement, is an integral part of any Pilates routine. Your Guide will offer visual and verbal cues and guidance to help you tune into different, specific parts of your body in new ways to ensure you squeeze every bit of goodness out of your session.

VIVAYA Pilates classes are typically mat-based, and may simply use your body or may include a few basic pieces of Pilates equipment. If you have more substantial Pilates equipment in your home, your instructor may be able to utilize it in your practice together. Modifications can always be made depending on what you have access to.



A stronger, better-balanced core means a stronger, better-balanced body. You may feel yourself sitting straighter and standing taller after just one class, and a regular practice can instill lasting changes in your body.

Pilates Classes

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