Derived from Hatha Yoga and involving principles of Iyengar Yoga, Anusara is a form of yoga developed by John Friend and introduced in 1997. It is grounded in a “Non Dual Tantric” philosophy, meaning it is fully inclusive of both Shiva- and Shakti-oriented practices and ideologies. Anusara Yoga fundamentally is designed as a “celebration of the heart”, integrating both muscular and organic energy “in the flow of grace” – which is the Sanskrit translation of “anusara”.



Anusara Yoga teachers, all of whom have been trained specifically and rigorously in this method, focus on goodness when observing and working with students. This takes precedence over the notion of fixing or correcting. Classes typically begin with a centering devotion or invocation, followed by a series of asana guided by breath and led with the heart. More than 250 poses are part of Anusara Yoga, and instructors thoughtfully design sequences unique to each class. The “Universal Principles of AlignmentTM” are applied to all movements, to integrate and harmonize the structural integrity of your body with the heart-centered theme that is foundational to all Anusara Yoga practice. This is an intentionally uplifting yoga – expect to end your practice feeling more joy and light, which can blur the lines between your concentrated practice and life off the mat.



When we open our hearts, we open ourselves. We release that which we do not need to hold, and make more space for positivity. Anusara Yoga has the ability to awaken a richer sense of self within you, lifting your spirit and empowering you from your very core. The varied expressions of otherwise potentially familiar asanas and movements may offer healing and therapeutic relief for any and all yogis and yoginis.



“When we’re ‘in the flow,’ we feel good on a deep and profound level, with the sense of ease that comes from experiencing harmony between mind and body, self and world. To be spiritual in yoga is to savor and express what and who we truly are – rather than attempt to become something ‘else’ that we think we’re not, or to compare ourselves or compete with others.” – Doug Keller

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