Bjorn Lestrud


"Free your mind and experience your life upside down."

My life is a story about learning to use bravery and focus to make more choices from my own truth / vibration. In making that shift to my own vibration, my work transformed from the stress of day-to-day corporate sales work to the effervescence of becoming primarily a healer. I do a weekly free session on Vivaya, using sonic vibration, in co-creation with plant medicine, to bring about a transfer of effervescence and deeper connection to your own innate joyfulness. I also produce a podcast where I interview people in the healing space + perform plant medicine sonic vibration sessions, similar to my work on Vivaya. For those that want to go deeper and more integrative, I offer a four-step program for individuals to create their own product in the healing space and bring it to market. Throughout the four steps, the program utilizes a combination of assessment, hands-on assignments, and sonic tuning sessions. To learn more, you can book a free introductory call with me on Vivaya.


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