Alexandra Demolling


"Trust your inner truth "

My passion about holistic medicine and healing arts goes back a long time and since chilldhood I have always been interested in researching the causes of imbalances and I would spend hours researching remedies that I was recommended after visiting my homeopathic doctor. I am a Naturopath, specialized in Iridology with extensive knowledge in Bach Flower's remedies and Traditional Chinese Medicine. In the recent years I have been focusing on self-developement and spirituality and I have been deepening my understanding of self which has enabled me to help others to get to know themselves better in order to live more peacufully and better their relationships with others. I truly enjoy teaching/sharing knowledge as I believe we are all teachers of one another on some level and I love being able to give people tools to improve their wellbeing via a better understanding on how their emotions impact them on all levels of their being and how to work with them safely and with more self awareness.




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Chinese Dietetics

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