Melissa Brisbane


""Life does come with an instruction manual, it's written in the stars""

I am Melissa Brisbane a psychotherapist, professional developer, trainer, astrological coach, teacher and the author of The Lunar Wisdom Formula and The Lunar Wisdom Formula for Beauty and Self-Care. I am the founder of Eighth House Wisdom and The Wisdom Beacon, online astrology coaching practice and astrology school, and Wisdom Integrative Services, an integrative mental health and lifestyle practice. I've spent my 20+ year career promoting the needs of women, children, families and female executives in dynamic, urban environments with a focus on BIPOC communities and supporting diversity, equity and inclusion. 


Nightlight Astrology School

The Desire Map

Integrative Health and Lifestyle Program, University of Arizona School of Integrative Medicine

Art of Coaching Institute, Elena Aguliar

ACEP Introduction to Energy Psychology for Clinicians

Debra Silverman Applied Astrology School

My Philosophy

Our birth chart is a personalized manual for living out our natal promise. Life is much easier when we can unlock the plot, theme, characters, and challenges that will show up this lifetime. My work blends Astrology with my background in psychotherapy, energy medicine, and coaching to help women who are overwhelmed, stressed out, stuck in a life area, or struggling with self-doubt embrace their natural gifts, talents and find clarity through the power of the stars.

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