Jesse Heinz

"I think when my backs against the wall what keeps me moving is knowing the impermanence of mind-drama and how the reality you want to live in already exists. "

My name's Jess, I believe the best way to truly connect with someone is through their story, so here's mine; I started my journey when I was 18 years old in San Diego, California. Moving there on a whim 2 months out of high school from a small town in Missouri, I was set out to find Me. Unwilling to follow the societal norms - I bought a 1 way ticket with no car, job or place to live in 3 weeks notice. A couple months later I joined a Fire Academy for Wildland Firefighting. Shortly after completing that I secured my first job as a Wildland Firefighter. Whether it was the fire line or going somewhere through someone I met along the journey, it would eventually take me to 23 different states over the course of 4 years. During the off season of Firefighting I went on to complete my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training, EMT License and began coaching at a couple different Crossfit Gyms as well as teaching yoga; all that to say, I had a huge passion for serving my community. Now 24, sitting in the same small town I grew up in, I am so grateful for the lens I see through. Currently, my priorities are investing in local communities and students for one on one sessions. I also teach yoga for the local high school football team, prental yoga sessions and for crossfit LSL. I spend any free time that I have with my soon to be husband. Through the traumas, trials and tribulations i've learned that one thing is for certain; I am here for Humanity. As a shoulder, an ear or a guide on your mat - I would be honored to be apart of your Journey.

My Philosophy

My philosophy on life is that no matter who are, where you are, what you know or who you're talking to - there is always something to learn and someone to be heard.

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