Jennifer Main

United Kingdom

"My global mission is to inspire individuals to recognise unique potential and calling, to embrace personal Dharma, and to live an aligned, authentic existence through conscious Ritual and Initiation. "

Jennifer has lived her entire life as a bridge between human and divine. As an intuitive child, she learned from an early age to feel the energy of her environment and of those around her, and to trust her intuition as she navigated the world. Jennifer has dedicated the past 25+ years to more deeply understanding the subconscious mind, motivation driving decision, leadership, boundaries, service, Initiation, Purpose, and living an aligned existence. She is also a dedicated 'Psychonaut', having spent decades formally studying Psychology, Leadership, Meditation, Theta Healing, Reiki, Crystals, Angels & Guides, Acupuncture, Plant and Natural Medicines, Sacred Geometry, the Laws of Existence, Astrology, the Science behind the Mystical, and utilises her vast knowledge and embodied experience to support initiates through extreme experiences in a grounded way.


Theta Healing Master, Certificate of Science

Theta Healing Master, Certificate of Science

David Palmer Astrology School

Theta Healing Master, Certificate of Science

My Philosophy

I believe that teaching is an act of service, and that my duty is to hold high standards for learning and practice, to set healthy boundaries for graceful awakening, and to inspire students to recognise their own potential and gifts. My intention is always to teach and support from a space of Integrity, Sincerity, Respect, Honour, and Dignity...

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