Tatjana Glogovac


"Just breathe. "

As a teacher of yoga and meditation online, I help people relax and let go of any tensions in the mind, body and breath. I help people who struggle with anxiety, stress, depression, excessive worrying, overthinking, and other ailments of the modern man. My goal is to help my students find their quiet place, a place inside them where they feel safe, relaxed and okay with themselves. The reason I started teaching yoga is to create and nurture a safe space for others, a place where they can simply be. I like to spread joy and kindness among my practitioners. I am fun and enthusiastic by nature, open and easy to connect with others. I am natural and such is my teaching style.


Association for Yoga and Meditation, India

My Philosophy

The values I base my teaching on are empathy, compassion and non-judgmental listening. My philosophy in teaching yoga and meditation is short and simple, "Do as much as you can and be happy you did it." :)

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