Cassie Oiler


"If you believe in your own power then you are already powerful"

My life is revolved around the constant betterment of myself and living life to the fullest through travel, opportunities, helping others succeed, and being the best version of myself possible. Outside of yoga I am found rock climbing, slacklining, hiking, camping in my pop-up camper, fire spinning, and working as a chiropractic assistant at an office I love while serving my community. I am determined to find a way to travel while working and making a deep difference in people's lives. I hope to guide others to heal themselves and open themselves up through yoga and deep meditation as that is what helped me get myself out of some really dark times in my life. Yoga helped me get through an eating disorder that persisted for 6 years, coping with the deaths of very close loved ones, dropping out of school to follow my true passion; yoga... yes yoga helped me make this decision! Yoga has helped me become the person I am today and continues to guide my life while building character and making me better. I follow the 8 limbs of yoga a T and find myself the happiest I have been and have made it a commitment to devote my life to sharing that experience by being a guide for others. I am here on this earth to serve others, and that I must do.


UBU yoga & wellness

UBU yoga & wellness

UBU yoga & wellness

UBU yoga & wellness

My Philosophy

Walk through life simply living just to live, not expecting anything but making your desires come true through speech, action and dedication.

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Dec 02
Vinyasa Yoga
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