Activate Your Authenticity

Dharma Yoga
All Levels
Sun May 19
(UTC-05:00) New York
90 min

This workshop costs $75.00

About this class

Be The Breathing Advertisement For Your Own Special Sauce.

Authenticity is the integrity of your self-expression felt as frequency. This is for those who are ready to get curious about their magic, surrender their limiting beliefs, take radical responsibility for their choices, date their Creator Being self, get clear on their why, activate their receptivity, and begin embodying NOW their authentic expression. No matter what field you’re in or where you want to go, embodied confidence is your authenticity, the energetic calling card of your integrity. Let’s get activated friends!

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You will focus on

  • practices to up level your integrity of self-expression

How to come prepared

  • be open to discussion, reflection, guided meditation and some movement